United National, Ancient & Modern Free & Accepted York Rite Masonry. This Website is of Our History, as Masons aswell as Our History as People around the World. One way Any Person can view Masonry, is in History, through the Founding of the United States. In Time, Masons have been known as many things ... Much as Anything, we have had Our Good and Challenging Times. We All have Our memories. of Good and not so Good things we have seen, been trough, some of the Greatest Times we hold on to dearly.

Withing Masonry, same goes, through History. Everything about York Rite Masonry, is in Your Holy Bible. The Purpose of Masonry is and always has been, Good People, Helping Each Other Become Better, People. As You teach me, I teach You Together through the Holy Bible we help Each Other within Our Communities as well as abroad. As Every Lodge in every Town, City, State and Country. One is Welcome to Come to a Lodge of Their choice, only by using Their Own Free Will, "to be a Mason, One must ask a Mason" Everywhere in the World, except, Southern Nevada, USA a Mason, is allowed to welcome an individual, and if it is of Their Free Will, and can pass each Degree, it is the Only Place in the World that can do so.

There is aLot that gets miss understood about Masonry. Mostly because the Role are Old, and York Rite Masonry is 100% Christian and Jewish. Where Scottish Rite is much more popular its focuse its greatly on Sience and Art. One can be Both.

Free & Accepted Masons, Defenders of Freedon, in Honor of GOD and Country.

There are many Brances to the same Tree of Masonry.

Lana Casey, Emma Engle~Dustin Casey Nellis #46 Las Vegas, Nevada.
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