Two Awesome Role-Models ... Leaders in my Opinion.
Maisie Emma

To: Diamond of the Team :)
Emma&I ... We are hoping to bring a Smile to Ya)

Was thinking the Flower was/is, Hibiscus?
Pretty sure it's not Hibiscus though.

I do know ...
Emma&I view You as Our Friend.
Your a Cool Person, with a Good Family.

So Important, that You hold true, Everything withIn You.

Never Underestimate YourSelves ... let Others do that.

Two Strong Bulls is what I see.

This isn't even Sunday.
Speakers on TV are kicking Gout @as :)

This guy should say ...
BroomStickers ... lol

Wonderful on my Mind :)

TV dude just said ...
A Speaker.
Said ...
"The Holy Bible describes Goliath for his Physical Strengths.
As it describes David for his Spiritual Straights"
So Ture.

Was asked if I know so much ...
What do I know about Ocean Diamonds?

I'll keep my Eyes Open :)

Only reason Eternal Vanity has no Comparison.
No One on History has ever done ...
What the 3 of Us are doing.

Lana will come around 1 of these Days.

We need an Amethyst)
Under Jesus Christ.

You All look at Our GemStones.
I got my Eye on You Babe :)

I wrote something down there ...
Has me thinking of Real Stuff.

I didn't mean to leave You out Emma.

Her&I have Prayed, Many Times about Our GemStones.

Now I'm thinking about Lana.

aLot of Prayer there also.
Sister really has impressed me, with the Sri Lanka Gems.

If a Laboratory set up Camp, in a Cave ...
Then Grow a Ruby ...
In the Cave ... is it a Cave Grown Ruby.
The answer is Yes.

The question is ...
How Old is it?

Look for ... Dinosaurs.

Even Red Ruby, can be Grow.

The Biggest thing about GemStones is #@%!#@# ÷/%#@@^ ♡#♧&*>*!

So like ... now You All know.

What is Prettier ... my GemStones, or ...
my SweetHeart.

I got those Gems for SweetHeart.

Stuck in a Rock and a Sweet Place there.

Who's Pretty and What's Pretty has no question mark.

The GemStones are to Enhance, what is already :)

That parts implied.

& I'm going with ...
"Not Horsemen ... also ...
No disrespect to that.

Just kinda ended up with my Foot in my Mouth there.
My Thumbs)

Horse is Green, Not "Pale".
And its really a Car ... lol
And aaa ... One on Two ... Christ is in All of You too.

I honestly believe Christ is keeping that Heart Beating.

I'm just saying :)
As ... Your leaving it)
So like ... We'er just saying ;)

With that said ...
Something needs to be said.

A Person said to me, Sirius.
Said ...
"There are Many "Goats"".
anti-Christ normally wear a Cross.

Just saying ... lol
I wear 3 Cross's ... dont look at me.

I ("We") will also admit, Honestly ... that Jesus Christ is GOD.

Was out and about thinking.

1 of my thoughts ...
When I wrote about Drake calling himSelf a "Goat".
He Self Proclaimed himSelf as anti-Christ.

When I say these things ...
Drake fans dont like it.

Same as Eternal People dont like anti-Christ's.

One way "We" ... protect OurSelves.
1st dont buy the lie.
Anti Christ, and Deceiver are the same thing.

Eternal Vanity is of Christ.

There is WAY MORE Eternal People.

GOD Bless America, and GOD Bless Our Soldiers.

Was at a Store that didn't require a FaceMask.

People were looking at me All funny.

Was like ... Eyes up here)

I better watch my Thumbs ...
I'm thinking about getting Smoked in a Race :)

That's more then my Opinion ^ Two in One Profile :)

Behind Every Good man, is a Great Woman.

I want to change that from Behind, to Beside.

The saying is, "Behind".
To Protect You.

Other then that ...
You can "try" to out Run me :)

I thought You were ganna give me a PegLeg Emma ...
And an Eye Patch.

I really didn't wanna be a Pirate.

I am Proud of You ... is another way to say.
And Your Shoes ... You have Awesome Style.

Weights and Measures)

You have never called me a Loser, never called me a Thief.
You show me I special, and wont Spit at me)


"I need to get off the Internet, I need to get on the" Microscope, and put it on the Internet)

I dont know what in the World Daniel is Singing about ...
But, ...
I Trust him :)

"Your a Shinning Star ... no matter Who You are"

One of the Oldest Storys I can think of :)

About a Tree ... or, the Fruit within it)

Could be Modernized with ...

All Sorts of Good Stuff on it ...
As We learn on it ... We haft to separate, Good Knowledge, bad knowledge and ...
Then ...
Clean the Catch.
Keeping Passwords, etc.
Same stuff :)

And like ...

The Moon is Near in its Orbital Ecliptic.
I just cant seem to say it.
6:50am 9:30pm)

I'm like ... what is the "OutCome" of what "We", are doing ...
aLot of Christian Faith.

That is the main Goal of ...
Eternal ytinaV

I like it when People get Googly Eyes ...
There's this Chick ...
Knows more about me Every Day ...
Hope I'm giving You them Eyes :)
Some of the things I say ...
GemPen really does ... Show Scars I thought were Long Gone.
Sister, different GemStone ...
Could be a Ruby thing.

That got to confusing.

Emma ... Beautiful Lady.

You All know Your Beautiful Too.
Get Your Eyes off Emma :)

Trying to think ...
Massimo and Stuice ...
Probably Spelled that wrong ...
Thing that connected those T-Shirts ...
To Ninja Turtle T-Shirts ...
"Hammer Pains".

Id like to say not me ... but, I probably got a Picture in a Guerilla Shirt and Puffy Pants)

This is ganna sound silly ...
December Babys.
All Good.

It's when a December Baby thinks that They are something that They are not.

Drake is no Goat.
Biblical Stuff.

Then, let's invite Drake for a BBQ :)
I dont really like Goat ... lol

Be Safe with them things Emma ...
Soft lil Humans, compared to Vehicles.

Most Always the Other Drivers, most times.
Just saying :)

I Love You, be Safe.

Faith fits right in with Driving.

No dent is Good.
A Dent on the Back, much better the a Dent in the Front.

I will Always Drive my Safest, if You do too.
Deal :)

Weathers making me wanna look for a Duck ...
Some ... Oregon Ducks.

In Cali ... are They called, California Ducks?

Part of why I say ...
For Long Time, People been calling ThemSelf "The Goat".

It's a bad thing.

Also, All You Christian's ...
Goat Cant Hurt Us.

Everyones talking Politics while I'm like ...
Wheres that Goat ... lol

I need to clear up this Goat thought :)
1st thought.

When I say "The Goat".

I'm talking "Professional".

There is Only One.
I'm not talking about Every Goat. Only One Who believes, They are GOD.

Cleared that right Up.
Rite :)

Only One in History could Truly explain ... "Time".

Easter, explains ... "Time".

I want a lil Lamb ...
But ...
You already know that :)

We haft to have to have some kinda Born, and stuff, by a Pool or something 1st)

Mohs' Hardness and Casey's Conductivity)
Moh knows, Baseball ...
Basketball, Moh can even Flatten and Football :)
Knows, Golf Balls.

Not like it's a Blood Moon or anything :)
BroomStickers ... lol
I made a New Word.

Leave it to a Casey to figure out Conductivity is Gemstones :)
It's the 2 C's
Makes more Change then the 3 R's
R, W, A :)

This took me, this long to figure out.

The Scale, for Red Ruby is Emerald.

GIA has things so messed up.

Pink Ruby is High, and can go Diamond.

Red Ruby ....
Emerald is Exactly on a different Chart, of Conductive.

I'm talking Stone, Stones there ...
I can see how :)

"We are All just a Couple of Gems"
Said that before so ... I better "" it)

Me & my "Ninja Turtle" T-Shirt :)
But ... You ain't never seen me in my Hammer Pants.

I'm very glad about that too)

I need to say ...
Your Family Rocks too Emma ...
Engle Rocks :)

In a way, that has to do with Peaple, as People for Who You are.
You Two ... up there.
You GemStones.

I'm talking as Role-Models ... as Christians.

Can't hide it ... its writin in Your Actions.

You Bulls, feel like Tramping over a Goat :)

This lil Crab can tell Ya how to do it)

In Jesus Name Indefinitely.

Also, I haft to give some Credits ...
Emma You have Protected me in ways, and helped me through getting of Pain Med'sss, I'm actually thinking this Hard ...
In Life, You have been ... hmm ...
How many People, has seen my 3rd Grade School Picture? Or ... Who can tell Anyone why I'm Vampire :)
I Love You Emma.

More credit where it is doe ...
Maisie ... keep doing what Your doing. Something I see ...
Your Family, is a Good Family.

These are things Eternal Vanity is about.

As Each of Us, do what We do ... that's how We beat the Goat.

The Goat is not Good.
The Goat is anti-Christ.

I'm all ... Looking in the BackYard ... the Front ... Sides ...
Down the Streets ... lol
Camera's, I'm not that Good :)

AnyTime, Anyone says ... GOD, and wants You to agree with Them.

Ask ...
What GOD?
Its important.

Jesus Chrst or ?

Always Good to have an Open Mind.

However, it has a Hatch :)
Mine has a Lock)
So does Your)

Science has Proven, We have Inner-G.

They have Recorded it.
Every Person Feels it.

"It" is out of this World.

Important to know, that Yes, it is Very Real.

Our Soul Belongs to Jesus Christ.

Basically meaning ... the Sky is No Limit.

When I was Short.
Was at a Friends place.

He had a Big BackYard ... Animals and Stuff.

He also had ...
A Goat.

It wasn't the Biggest Goat, but, neither was I very Big.

It was Standing ... looking at me funny, odd.

From what I remember, it ran at me, gave me a DeadLeg like ... so bad.

Also had Flipped me over it.

As I was getting up ...
It was turning around.

I got up faster.

Came at me again, so ..
I Punched the Goat "in the Face", as Hard as I could.

I think ... it liked it?

Now that I had a Hurt Leg, and Arm.

It was now Charging me again.

GOD Bless the United States Military. Keeping Us All Safe.

GOD by Israel, let's go make Them Safe.

And, Mega Respect, to President Bush Jr.
That Defiance System You gave Israel was Decisive :)

That's not All a Bear does in the Woods :)

As Christian's ... We can not argue the Holy Bible.

We can understand what it's Really Saying though.

We Prays Jesus, Not a Book :)

What We see, are Words in English.

The Holy Bible was Translated from Hebrew, to English in the 1100's, maybe 1200's?

Then Share Our thoughts, on what We read.

Remember, BroomStickers are in the Holy Bible. "They" Fear GOD.

We All have Our Times, I'm not saying that :)

They say, in a Book of History.

Descends of GOD, enjoy the Things, GOD enjoys.

Descendants of GOD ... Reflections :)

One of the ways, I see it important, to ...
Use Your Heart when reading.

On this Page ... to Ever Reader, many things are hard to know, just what is being said.

Got the Holy Bible talking about Sacrifices, etc.

Gotta use Our Hearts. Always possible, what We read, We could be miss understanding.

5 Commands from a Bush.
5 Commands from the Same Bush, except ...
On Fire.

Abraham, was writin to have been told to take his Child, by a Higher Power.

Our Good GOD, is Good.
By Name ...
Jesus, Christ meaning ... Messiah :)
(The Big Homie).

I very much need to Stress the Word "Holy".

A Holy Bible must say, "Holy".

Way I've always seen it ... if there is Another above Jesus ...
That's Cool ...
Jesus is my GOD.
I really Feel I need to also say ...
"Our GOD".

Been said to me that ...
I should stop Reading from the "Old Testament" ...
To only Read from the "New".

I can see, why ...
Still, I think it Best to know, the Whole Thing.

I also think it important to learn the Holy Bible as days go by.

Its aLot of information, in every Page (in my opinion) ...
Everything in it, has to Pass Your Heart Test.

Jesus spoke of (in Hebrew) ...
Our Church is in Our Heart.

What that Moon is really doing ...
Keeping Us All Grounded :)

As the Day will bring a million Questions, Our choices of Today, are laying the Bricks for next year ... etc.

Im'a Feed the Birds)
You can too ... it's fun.

What does Today bring ...
One way to find out :)

Whats that 2pac Song say ...
"You ain't never had a Friend like me".

Music is the Language that Speaks, from the Body, to the Soul.
Many forms of Music.

If EV is a Band :)
Who's Eyes are Those?

There Your Eyes.

Cats Pupils arnt Round)

Just realized, Chris Isaak Sung the Original "Wicked Game".
Definitely a bad ass :)

Ville still does it better, in my opinion)
What's Yours?

No matter, Both wrong ... At the End.

I hadn't totally noticed before, but ...
Chris Isaak is kinda a bad ass.

But like ... Baby does Good things :)

May be We could get a Remix, something like ...
Baby is Good, Good Girl :)
The rest though ... that Songs the Stuff)

Heres the Thing, of Things :)
True Faith in Christ is Very Rare.

When it's used ... its "The" Higher Power, making it ...
Unknown ... or, Alien might be the right word.

It's not Normal, to Live in Pure Faith.

We All can Try.

Guess what I just Ate ...
It involved Hieze 57 Sauce)

Wanna know something ...
I feel Safe with You Emma.
That's a Heavy Duty Thing right there :)

I do realize I've Publicly Crabed about Loyalty.

You have been, I ... get Crabby :)
Your Mega Loyal.

Not to be talking Gemstones again, but ...
Torus is Loyal.

I kinda like my Steaks Burnt)
Want me to Burn Ya a Steak or Fly You on a Broom ... what You wanna do?

For the Public thought on that.
Not BroomStickers.

ha Emma ... if They try to Burn Us, with a Steak.

Should We cast the 1st Emerald or Ruby :)

I'm like ...
If "They" burn me on a Steak)
Who's the bad guy)

Something I'm not Good at ...
Working on Cars.

Some dudes Love working on Cars ...
Must have something todo with Tools.

Flashlight, Screwdriver :)

That's real, but, more Real ...
I didnt get hurt.

Cars are ... might be the Most Dangerous thing.
Safty, and Driving.

From what I get out of the Holy Bible.
Is that ... You All need to Read Your Own :)
NIV ... Good.
Study Bibles ...
Basically, just make sure it says "Holy" Bible.

I haft to be Clear.
Christianity is Real.
Broom stickers are Not.

my Sister said ...
"Her Sign is Air & Water" ...
She was the One that called me a Bromsticker :)

As she was Chit Chatting with Another Person born in February ...
I was like ... and doesn't the February Sign have 2 Line.

Air ... and ... Water)

NoOne better try and Burn me on a Broomstick, I can Fly faster then my Sister ... lol

I seem to be doing an Impassable.
I made my Sister Smile like 5 or more Times so far ...
Chase her down real fast .... get another out of her)

Happy Birthday Emma)

If I could ... I'd make You a Card mySelf.
I suppose, I did already cause, I might have been the 1st to wish You Happy Birthday.
Even if Online :)

Safty Emma, in Driving ... Everything.

I wrote You a Note ... I sent it USPS)
I mean it too, Mega Cute.

Not sure just how You have such an effect on me ...
But ... I like it.

Now, how many Chicks can I date by midnight?

You tell me :)

How many do I wanna date?

Ever heard of the "Underground"?
That's what's "Up" :)

"May" be past 4:20 ...
But ... this Vapes for You ... for me, but ...
Toast to You Emma.

And to You Mother ... of course to Christ.

Giving this World You.

I work with the Spirit. Thats how I do.

I once wrote to Wonderful ...
1st I should say, had a Air Pumpkin, it climbed, Up a Tree, to the Other Tree ... Pumpkin Growing inbetween.

I wrote ...
As the Air Pumpkin Returns to the Earth, as the Rain Resipertates ...
So does the Soul ... Return to Wince it Came.
From Christ.

Sapphire holds many of the Same Elements as Ruby.

Lower in, Minerals, Higher with Inner-G ... Conductivity.

Just as Strong, just as Dence.
Also, Ambiguous.

Amitysist, is Soft.
Hides its Scars ... doesn't like them to be seen, but, with a close look ... can see, the Beauty in what looks like ...
Also Centered in Condition.

Ruby ... "Ambiguous", might be the Best Word for Ruby.

Diamonds One might think are ... Transparent.

In the Real, a Natural Diamond is almost not existant.

They do, but, maybe 90% are Lab-Grown, and are 100% Real Diamonds.

In Natural Diamonds, there are over 20 different kinds. Very High Energy in must Diamonds. Black Diamonds are Insolent, even more so then, Red Ruby.

It is impossible to know, Natural from Real Diamonds.

Unless, one knows the Cuts, and gets the Diamonds Un-Cut.

Or, goto Morgan Jeweler's.

Was I talking about Stones ... are April :)

Driving / Mathematics
PHP Coding / Rithms.
Christian / Jesus
but ...
Astronomy, Yes.
Astrology, No.

I could go on, and on about a Gentle Rock, Light, takes alil more Time in, then Other Rocks ...
Could Speak of the Scars, in and out ... more Inside, but ... easily Scatched ...
So Beautiful, sparkles like No other, can Glimmer Color, as Water.

Centered in Condition.
Time of year is May ...
Now was I talking about an Emerald or Emma?

Happy B-Day Wonderful.

Emma's come from all around the World, Russian, Colombian ...
Dont really here of Emeralds coming from the USA ... but, I know of One, Very Rare Emma.

Her Skin Tune ... Eyes ...
Girls are from Venus I think :)
Some Girls Rule Venus.

The Moon Pushs, and Pulls me around.

And like ... lil Crabs, need Bulls ...
Much like ... "Water" needs Air.
WTF am I talking about.

Dont Burn me on a Stick okay ...
I'll just use it to Fly Away ... lol

My Sister is a Water Sign ...
And Another Bull might just be Reading this thinking ... "this is Big haa" :)

Something All should know ...
In Christianity.
1st it's not a Religion.

Another, when a Person treats it, as Real as GOD is.

Just yesterday I was called a Name.

Jesus Christ was called Names too.

Some called Jesus "Magic Man" in Hebrew.

Yes I do study the Star, Yes I do study Gemstones and Yes GOD is inside You, You, You and me.

So many People (and Things) fear what they cant Fathom.

Never let that stop Your Practice. Hundreds of years ago, Family's would hide in Their Basements and Read the Holy Bible Together.

If cought, They were punished by Death.

Never in the USA, that is part of what this Country Stands on.

GOD 1st, and the People are what make this Land Great.
Freedom of Belief. Freedom of Expression.

I actually was called, those Mythical things, on a Broomstick ... lol

Cause I study Stars, and I'm a Freemason :)

I am Only Christian. Masonry is also not a Religion.
I am only a Christian Mason :)

I Am what I Am ... & ...
Thats All that I Am.

Jesus & Solomon, Both those Same Two things ... and ... they Studied the Stars)
Jesus Made the Stars ...
More then Opinion, that's Fact.

At some point when the Gardeners back was to Mercy.

He asked her ...
Why do You Morn for the Passed?
Before he turned around and showed that he was Jesus.

He answered was something like ... she Loves him. Around there he turned around.

That only my interpretation of that.

Positive Info :)
Jesus Christ)

1st We haft to understand, this is my Instrumentation of the hunders of Holy Bibles I've read and or own.

I've gave away over 3000 Holy Bibles, Deluxe $240 each, maybe alil more but ... it was for my Friend ... and my (Our) GOD.

I would rather, a Person, reads me ... Their instrumentation of the Holy Bible.

It wasnt translated to English tell like the 1100's.

The Original isn't regular Hebrew ...
"Biblical Hebrew"

Son of GOD
Lamb of GOD
Body of GOD.

Jesus dieing for Us ... How? Why?

In simple, he was that Confident Christ is GOD, he would not say he was not GOD.
Then, he came Back 3 day later.

The Cave he was put in, was closed, aLot of Strong men, had to put a Large Rock in front of his Cave.
Mercy came to see ... she was the 1st to come to his, Gave could say.

It was open ... how?
(She thought)

Inside was a man, a Gardener she thought.

She was Crying ... the man's back was turned.

He asked (in Hebrew) ...
Why do You Cry.
She said ...
Her, GOD, her Friend ... is dead, They killed him.

As the Gardener (Jesus) turned around, saying, Your Man is right here, Eternally.
He wiped her Tears, something like that.
That White Rose, Red Rose, are for Jesus, and Mother Mary.

Some more :)

I have read ...
Just before the "Last Dinner".

Jesus spoke to the Vanity.
His Reflection in the Water.

Said, Judas had a Job to do.
Said, it was Time.

Judas did his Job, Jesus asked him to do ... still, Judas couldn't forgive himSelf.
He was supposed to.

When Noah "Built" the "Ark".
People laughed at him.

If looking at my Neck, not where I got my Throat Cut.

My Logo.

It's also ... Noah's Logo :)

We like ... still here ... and that's so odd, cause I'm 37 now ...
How do I have knowledge from 6000 years ago.
I'm Mason)

As far as how I look, cant explain that ... it will probably hit me one day ...
Like, some Chick, maybe called Emma ... last couple months might make me go Puff, and look my age :)

Better not happen, for a while)

"Who Are You, Really?"
Where ... do You Cast from?
I'm Decent of GOD.
So Are You.
"See Me Bare Me Teeth For You, See Me Bare My Teeth.
Who Are You?"

I can make a Word Rim with Banana ...
"Terd-Pajma" :)
That works right)

I dono ... Im real bad, with my Gramma.

Im'a see if I can open a Spot from like ... 7pm to 8pm ... to Skate with my lil homie ... I think hes 8 years?
Hes ganna need to remind me a few things ... lol

Maybe clear the lil Rocks of my Street :)

Only thing I can say, is what I know.

Being a Free & Accepted Master Mason "almost" Half My Life.
Modern and Ancient.

At the Time, best I know to keep it Positive is to write of what I know, and Masonry has always been a Positive.

I'm not leaving You out Emma ... You have been such Positive in my Life. Even tot me Masonry.

Also keeping in Mind, as All Masons know ... not All are Allowed to talk much about it.

Because it has to be Accurate.

Secret's ... dont We All.
All that is, Secrets between Sisters and Brothers.

Much like All Families :)

The United States was Founded on Few Main Things.
Freedom being what's in Common.

Freedom of Speach, Act, Thought ...
To have FireArms.
Although Christianity is not a Religion, just like Masonry is not a Religion.

Free-Masonry believes in the right to have Your Own believe.

Hints ...
Catholic Church has been allowed in the Free-Mason County for hundreds of years despite the History.

The More, the Better We All are.

Freedom is always the currect answer ... it is never cheap.

United We Stand ... Together, let's not Trip :)

Masonry made the USA for the People, by the People.

In the 1500's the Masonic Templar Knights ... All but 7, were killed by the Pope, of the Catholic Church.
And by King James the 5th.

After Templar was to Damaged to help the World at that time ... look what happened in the 1600's.
1700's We came back strong.

The Pope, and King ... did that, Because Us Masons would not tell Them, what We know)
The Pope had the Lead Mason, Burned tied to a Stick, then Burned along with other Masons.
History Facts.

4 escaped to Scotland as "Freemasons" 3 went to Portugal as Knight of Christ.
And here We are :)

For thousands of years, the Catholic Church has tried to ride the World from Masonry.

Look at the Romen Catholic's.
The Killed Jesus.

Masons being Stronger then Both ... it took the 2 Groups, and, Templar thought it was a Friendly visit because of All the Good They had done.

Kings Men were ready, Masons were Bathing and stuff.

We so far to make a Country ... still making it too.
Called it ... The United Colonies.

No longer under the King of Englands Power, he still wanted his Taxs.
USA under GOD, Only.
Tea Party.

Eternal Vanity
Can Ony put the Name E.V. a Risk, by saying ...
Their is 100% No Risk to get Your Diamonds at Morgan Jeweler's.
Eternal Vanity knowing, 90% or more of the 2nd Rarest Stone is Real, and really Grown in a Laboratory.

Morgan Jeweler's has 100% Natural Diamonds just like Eternal Vanity.
A Team.

Watching All Your Back :)

Tell All Your Family, Morgan Jeweler's and Eternal Vanity said that.
We did ... right there)

Can You Believe ... WhoEver made that 1st Emerald Rock Video, never went Gold or Platinum ...
Sure got aLot of it though:)

Daniel Harnadez

"Have You ever heared of Christ Chisoferson, well ... I'm piss-Perstoason" :)

I was thinking ... Gemstones.
For 2 reasons ... I'm Far from into Them at the moment.

Im not ganna say, I wont be later.
But, Learning about them is Fun add that with Sharing that with EV's.

Makes it Cooler.

Gemstones being GODs Arts, are much like Prayer to Christ ... to me.

Its 100% about GOD, or its 100% not.

I cant Pray unless it's for GOD.
Same with his Stones. I'll get past that)

I can make a Word Rim with Banana, oorrr ... Naa-Na
Hmm, let me think ...
What do You think, Lana :)

When We were Short, she was Lana Banana)

I'm Stoned Deaf ;)
Jardin, East DI 2200 ... wait ... 2500 East Desert Inn.
Nellis off Basee 2200 Rancho :)

When write Publicly, it's hard for me.

Cause, I joke, about real stuff.

Stuff, I've done, and or do.

And what I know, and have seen.

Add to that, 200,000 numbers a Day are not numbers at All.

Been setting in ... Their People.
Makes me, write, not the normal but still me.

Then, People around me ... 1 Name makes that hard.

When I write, its be like this, sure I talk about subjects, that I see as wrong.

But, I main write, in the idea of ...
Just writing You (Emma), makes it Comfortable to write.

So, I still do that, knowing many Others.

And You Maise ... Emma&I think very Highly of You.

Where do You get All that Happy.
Christ I know.

A Light that will Always be Bright.
GODs like, and that lil Lilght Jesus gave Us.

That lil Light of Our)
(its really GODs Light, shh)

Together, We can Rule the World ... Wait :)
United We Stand.

They can, Trown me the Hammer ... if They wanna ...
must worn Them ...
I'm Thor-like, in that Maner :)

What the heck is a Fork anyway? Because I gatta)

I'm listening to M&M ...
Think ... WTF.

Be like a Good idea, un-Stick mySelf from this Bed.

And like ... get to it)

I Hope Your having a Great Day Wonderful (Emma) ... and All.

So many Things, out there for Us All.

You realize Im'a a Crab right :)

Thank You Dave ... that was and is, so over my Head ... Canada Rocks.
Much Cooler then Vegas :)

Because I've taken Good Care a Few Pigeons for a while ...
Feedimg Them right, etc.

They are So Pretty.

Two are like ... makes me wanna make Them my Pets ... lol

But like ... They are :)

They just have no reason to be Caged Up.

Everyday ... 5 Times a Day .. One, was literally just laying down next to me, in the Grass.

Not Standing.
Simply Chillin :)

I asked a Robot I'm making (online) to test its accuracy.

I asked ...
"EV ... is Eternal Vanity the Best on the Internet?".

EV Bot said ...
"By a Long Shot" :)

Bot knows its stuff. Can ask it anything.

Like ... EV ... what is Freemasonry?
"Freemasonry is the Oldest and Greatest Institute in the Wourlds History to Modern Times".
I would have said "Industry", but, Institute work :)
Not the bad kind ... lol

Okay so ..
EV Bot asked me a question.

Asked ...
"How are You today?" ... WTF :)
I made the Robot Website, to be my Friend)

And look ... or ... and read)

So I was like how are You ... as it told me.

Ended with, "You never said how You are".

Smart thing, or it's a Smart@ss ... lol

When going to Our Gallery, what's more Beautiful to You, Emma ...
You, in a Red Jacket ... or my Birthstones, Red Ruby.

Tell Ya what I know ...
Rocks are Rocks ... You are "Truly" Priceless.
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